Grow Your Own Magical Urban Indoor Garden

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Nowadays everywhere you look there’s business and apartment buildings smothering the landscape. And where there’s not buildings, there are track homes for miles.

People are urbanizing all the good ground that once was prime soil for growing fruits and vegetables.

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Gone are the acres of vegetation that we used to drive by as kids that fill the air with fresh oxygen.

But not all is lost because we can still grow food indoors:

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  • container gardening

Grow Your Own Urban Garden

But all is not lost because you can still have an urban indoor garden that provides you with fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits.

Many people have taken this problem into their own hands and have small gardens indoor, albeit, it takes getting used to but in some cases these urban gardens provide a bounty year-round.

Indoor & Urban Farms Are Growing

My 92 year old mom grows tomatoes indoors and any time she can use a tomato in a salad or soup, she feels it’s magic.

There’s just something about fresh home grown vegetables that make a boring meal extraordinary.

Did you notice the fresh tomatoes, their mine.

I’m not talking about turning every room of your home or apartment into a nursery full of planters and pots, maybe just a few small planters in the kitchen for growing green onions or cilantro will be good enough to sprinkle magic on your meals.

It doesn’t take much to start a garden indoors.

A couple of pots, some potting soil, and seeds is all. And nature does the rest. Just add sunlight and water and watch the magic happen. The seeds germinate almost right before your eyes.

People have had herb gardens growing on their kitchen walls for years. Even some restaurants have their own urban gardens. Although their gardening process is slightly more sophisticated than just planting seeds in a pot and sticking it in a window.

They use hydroponics gardens and special grow lights. Just the thought of this idea reminds me of the movie Martian and how the main character was growing potatoes indoors.

Hmm… the thought seems crazy but hydroponics is how food is grown in space.

And if you want a little science fiction of your own, there are small hydroponic gardens that you can buy if you don’t want to deal with having dirt and soil inside you home. Miracle Gro has a few garden kits perfect for small indoor gardens.

Urban Organic Gardener

So whether you’re living in a New York City apartment building or a house without a yard, you can still grow your own herbs and vegetables. Even if it’s just a small garden, you can have a little magic with each meal.

Growing your own urban garden indoors is easy…

Start your garden slow and don’t get impatient. 

Once your garden get going don’t forget to water it. Many gardens die from a lack of water.

And also, be aware that pets will also ruin an indoor garden.

A couple of times a year, I find a basket of tomatoes sitting on the table with a note.

Take these to work with you and give them away!

Bring the garden indoors and have fun growing herbs and veggies!

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