Inside Vegetable Gardening for Beginners


inside gardeningYou don’t have a yard for a garden but that’s not stopping you from craving your own fresh grown fruits and vegetables…

In this FYI, I’ll explain how easy it is for beginners to start growing carrots and radishes today, even without a yard.

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Inside (Indoor) Gardening for Beginners…

Houseplants and herb gardens are well-known as common plants that are grown indoors.

But did you know bamboo is not the only plant that can be grown indoors.

By using the right containers and mimicking similar outdoor growing conditions you can have flourishing indoor vegetable garden inside your home or apartment within a few months.

That’s right, your cravings could be over and the real value of having garden inside goes beyond the beautification of your home.

Imagine an endless supply of produce grown right in your kitchen.┬áNo kidding…

Carrots, tomatoes, and radishes are three of the easiest vegetable to grow indoors.

Each of these 3 vegetables grows differently and will need a separate containers but with some TLC, you’ll be harvesting more than your share of veggies.

How to start your indoor garden.

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All you need is a south-facing window to get started.

Bet you didn’t know a south facing windows is the best source of natural sunlight for your vegetables to grow in. Now you do!

But if you don’t have the right exposure, you can invest in an LED grow light to provide supplemental light.

Where to grow you first seedling.

As with any container you choose to grow plants in, the key is to make sure there’s enough drainage.

Why does your plant container need drainage?

If your plants sit in too much water they aren’t going to survive. Actually, plant will drown.

The planter you choose should have holes in the bottom…or you can put a layer of gravel or wood chips to allow the water to run out of the soil. I prefer holes…

Then there’s the other problem, which is when your plants don’t get enough water. Yup, they’ll dry up.

FYI, you don’t want your garden too wet or too dry. But don’t worry, in no time, you’ll figure it out.

Which vegetables to plant first.

When choosing the types of vegetables to plant, follow the same guidelines as you would for outdoors.

On the seed packets you’ll find planting recommendations such as when to plant the seeds, the amount of light needed, and how often to water. You’ll even find information about the spacing between seedlings.

So start by picking a veggie that is in season…

Here’s a watering tip.

For best results, I recommend tailoring your water schedule according to the condition of the soil. In other words, only water when you need to.

When starting out, it’s pretty easy to over-water young plants or to even forget to water them. Oops, I’m guilty of letting my Anaheim Peppers dry up!

But if all goes as planned, by the end of the summer or early fall you should be harvesting fresh vegetables grown right inside your home.

We want to help!

The Inside Garden Shop wants to help with your inside garden needs. Please visit our online garden shop for seeds, planters, fertilizers and everything else you need to start growing your own vegetables and herbs indoors.

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