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An inside garden, also known as an indoor garden is where people grow vegetables and herbs inside their homes. Tomatoes, Cilantro, Green Onions and many other herbs and vegetables can be grown in a small planter on a window seal or under grow lights on a table in the corner of a room.

A solution for the ultimate urban garden or for someone living obscure and remote.

Indoor gardens are perfect for spicing up meals with fresh herbs or veggies. There’s no limit on how small or large an indoor garden needs to be. It’s all up to you!

If you don't have a windows, the start your indoor garden with a simple clip on led grow light.

The Inside Garden Shop has put together these guides for new gardeners to learn the basics.

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Easiest Way to Grow Herbs Indoors Video Transcript

Alright! This is John Kohler with Growing Your, today we have another exciting episode for ya. And today I have my beautiful girlfriend with me and we're gonna make a video for you guys.” Lauren: “Hi everyone, my names Lauren”. John: “She's quite shy guys, she's not used to the whole video thing. I kinda rope her into doing these things. But anyways, we have her on the show for a very important reason, it is because she's new to gardening. Ya know, she's an excellent flute player and teacher but she just never really got into gardening like I have. So I'm here to let you guys know that even if you haven't gotten into gardening like I have you guys can grow your own food. And I started out actually last year growing food in Aero Gardens so I'll put a link down below to that video but Lauren how has your experience been with the Aerogarden that you're growing in?” Lauren: “It's been great. We grew some plants, grew lots of herbs in the Aerogarden, but we had some drama. Some plant drama”. John: “And what happened?” Lauren: “We pulled some of the cilantro or parsley out and it kinda tore the roots out of the other hydroponic plants so it kind of affected the other plants.

So I'm starting some new herbs and I have some peppers and some other herbs growing and it's doing well. So it's up and running again and yeah. It's still working and I'm still happy with it”. John: “And you were successful at growing in the Aerogarden”. Lauren: “Yes very successful. I used many of the herbs for many months so, it was good”. John: “Cool, yeah I'll post a link down below actually to a video that me and her made on how we used some of the herbs that she grows in her very Aerogarden.

And guys check that out, definitely a good episode. And then after that, I actually tried to get her growing in self-watering containers on her patio because she lives in an apartment and maybe that didn't quite go the best way. So ya know, we're gonna kinda back up a little bit and actually give her another way she can actually start to grow. I mean, I know you guys may have gardening issues, ya know, and it's alright. We just-- some of us haven't learned how to grow food and I wanna make it easier for you guys to grow food if you haven't done it before. Right? So in this episode, we're gonna show you guys the Smart Herb Garden and this is basically by Click and Grow. And this is even simpler than the Aerogarden.

So I'm sure and confident Lauren will be able to grow in this Smart Herb Garden. Any comments Lauren?” Lauren: “Um, well I think the thing that happened with the plants that were growing on my patio as I was over watering them. There's like a—the reservoir? The tube. And I was supposed to be able to just fill it up with water but I guess I still over watered them. So I think I can still—I'm gonna try again with those plants. But ya know, it's not a complete failure yet”. John: “Yeah, and I wanna remind you guys it's never a complete failure. Ya know, we have the infrastructure, we have the good soil that we mixed up for Lauren, we have the containers and she's just gonna try again right? Until she dials it in. And it's just a whole learning process. Just like when you learn how to walk or ride a bicycle, you maybe didn't do it right the first time but that's alright.

You need to pick yourself up and get right back up on that horse and ride off into the sunset with your sweetie. And we'll do that later tonight. Alright so anyway, until that time we're gonna go ahead and open up this garden here and get Lauren growing. And she's gonna basically do all the work and I'm just gonna kinda narrate this. And to let you guys know that anybody can grow food with this Smart Herb Garden. So this is really cool. We're gonna go ahead and open this up and check it out. Basically, what this is, this is a self-contained growing unit. It has the lights you need, it has the plants and seeds you need, it has the soil you need, it has the fertilizer you need, it has computer control so it waters at the right times, distributes the right amount of fertilizer for your plants and all you need to do is literally add the water.

So we got the water right here. So let's go ahead and unbox this. And Lauren you wanna go ahead and name out the different kinds of herbs we'll be growing in the Smart Herb Garden”. Lauren: “Alright, so today we have basil---uh, Genovese basil, thyme, lemon balm and I think that's it”. John: “Alright cool, so why don't you go ahead and open those guys up and show my viewers what the little seed packet things look like.

Alright, so here they are. It 's a just basically a little cup with a little lid and that's to keep the moisture in there. And it says, 'I'm lemon balm, it's nice to meet ya! Attention: remove sticker before use'. Alright. And basically, how easy this is to set up, you're literally just gonna remove the sticker and drop it in there. And you're gonna fill this up with water and plug it in. I know you guys could do that. So let's see if Lauren can”. Lauren: “Okay. Wait I gotta take the..”. John: “I think she's like, nervous on camera. She's not normally like this”. Lauren: “Yes I am”. John: “So I actually wanna show you guys what comes in these little cups that have seeds already impregnated in the soil. And basically, we just take off the lid, which you're not supposed to do this.

Basically, it's a little growing medium that's Nasa-inspired. And it has the seeds already in there at different layers. So this is maybe some kind of coconut coir mixture, I'm actually not sure. But it's pre-impregnated with the seeds, the growing mixture and the nutrients your plants will need. So we're just gonna go ahead and put them in there and make sure these tops are on. And they have these little spaces here where you can actually take an indelible marker and mark what's on there. So now they've got the protective packaging off the plants, we're all ready to set up our Smart Herb garden. And it's super simple, super easy. They have a little AC adapter on here and it's really cool cause this AC adapter can take an input from 100 volts to 240 volts so from Japan to New Zealand and America and anywhere in the world, literally you can just plug this in to the wall outlet and your Smart Herb Garden by Click and Grow is gonna work. So let us go ahead and plug this guy in. And as you guys can see the lights instantly came on.

Alright, so it looks like it turned on and as you guys can see we got two LED lights underneath there. And this is gonna provide a sufficient light for the herbs to grow. Although I would also recommend maybe putting this next to a nice sunny window to get some supplemental lighting. Ya know, the kit that we have includes the basil, the thyme, and the lemon balm, but they also have other refills you can choose to grow. Such as mini tomato, more lemon balm, some little chili pepper plants and some basil. And, so that's really cool, you can get different ones. And depending on the plant they could sprout in 2-3 weeks and they'll be full size in 2-4 months.

So this is definitely gonna be a project. And the other thing is that this light is fully adjustable so you can adjust it actually fairly high. So when your plants get taller you can adjust this, ya know, higher. And it's really easy to set up and now Lauren is gonna set it up for us. So the first step after plugging it in is simply just poured in the water. So we are using some filtered water here. And there's a little place to pour the water in here with a float valve. So the float valve actually just floats up to the top when it's completely full.

We'll try to show that to you guys in a minute here. Alright so now we're gonna continue filling up the Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden and it's probably gonna take approximately 64 ounces or maybe less, maybe 50 ounces of water. And as you guys can see, I don't know if you guys saw that float just pop up. So when this is level with the top we're all ready to grow. So next step is—Lauren you wanna just go ahead and put these little Smart Pots right into the unit and you wanna click them in 'cause that's the whole part of Click and Grow. They're gonna just go in there and just click in. And when you go that it's actually gonna bust a little seal on the bottom where the water is actually gonna be automatically watered into the unit. Alright, so as you guys can see we go this Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden set up and Lauren, do you have any questions about your Smart Herb Garden?” Lauren: “Nope.

Not at all”. John: “Alright so you think you could handle the Smart Herb Garden? All you gotta do is simply add the water so that this level is all the way up to the top”. Lauren: “Yeah, that's very straightforward. Very simple”. John: “Awesome, so yeah, this way she cannot under water she cannot over water, the Smart Garden is smart. It takes care of it all for you so that you, too can grow without any challenges. If you're interested in learning other ways you can grow food the simple way be sure to check out the links down below. I'll put videos that I did with Lauren on setting her up with an Aerogarden which is also super simple, super easy. Which also is more expensive, maybe twice as much as this guy. This guy is actually retailing for around $80 and I'll actually put a special link down below for you guys to get 20% off your purchase for a limited time at the Click and Grow website so you guys can get your very own Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden for this kinda price. Now, don't get me wrong I would never buy this for myself but I think for Lauren it's a good fit so that we could be eating some fresh herbs that she grew, herself.

Be sure to like this video if you liked it. Also be sure to check my past episodes. I have over 1,050 episodes now on all aspects of gardening. And be sure to click that little subscribe button down below so that you guys get the updates on how the Click and Grow Garden is growing in the future. So once again my name is John Kohler with...” Lauren: “Lauren”. John: “From Growing Your We'll see ya next time and remember to keep on growing.”

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